Saturday, February 9th, 2013

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Like, seriously, what the hell am I doing?

Anyway; I may be working to start teaching at my job in the next few months. (Apparently I can't teach for this brand of schools without a master's degree, so I would need to decide if I'm going for that or not-- but I think that still falls within a reasonable amount of time that I'd be willing to look at. It's a possibility. It was one of the things I thought about excitedly, a few months back.) So that would be cool.

I am kind of making friends at work? I don't even know. I am also being singled out a little for being feminist. (Can't be singled out for being pansexual if nobody knows you are, though.)

Haven't made a lot of progress in any creative venues lately. Not drawing right now either, because I dropped my latest class. Or, well, more accurately, I dropped the class because I found it difficult even to draw. Writing, too.

Danny and I are looking at a place, we might be moving since our lease is almost up and while neither of us hates the place we live, it is also not exactly the greatest place ever. If we like the new place we're looking at, we might go month to month at the old place till next month, give us time to move things out.

I signed on to illustrate a children's book for a coworker of mine, I've continued to try to get a comic project started with Molly (though the one I wrote last year and ended up asking my aunt to help me illustrate is at something of a standstill for the moment), and there's plenty of stuff I want to work on. But I just feel kinda...enh? You know?

Physically speaking, I also feel kinda enh. Or really enh. Ergh.

Most importantly, in the current D&D game, I need to flesh out more about my character's backstory, and I'm having a hard time making that step.


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