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dev_chieftain ([personal profile] dev_chieftain) wrote2012-12-29 12:51 pm

The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and why we can't have nice things

Last night after Danny had to hit the hay for work, I showed Dustin The Mummy and The Mummy Returns because he'd never seen them, and I hadn't seen those two in easily upwards of six years, maybe ten. They are still fun and fantastic, even if the CGI is, well, notably CGI.

It was nice to see them again, though The Mummy Returns unfortunately makes Evelyn WAY less interesting. Since she has a kid (who actively decries that she's not capable of protecting herself and should call her husband for help-- wow, I hate this kid) she suddenly cares more about the kid than anything else. This would be fine, actually, because so does Brendan Fraser's character, but for some reason he doesn't lose his other motivations to this overpowering Protect My Child impulse-- but she does.

I want to be snarky about the "past life" dreams, but honestly they're a great excuse for more information about Anack-su-namun or however it's spelled (the subtitles were not internally consistent, so...I'm really not sure!), so I didn't care too much that they were SUPER CHEESY. I would like for more people to have past lives that are just normal. "I used to be a peasant worker in Egypt in 3000 B.C." is actually not done at all! Just think of the possibilities!

I'm actually curious to see The Scorpion King, which I never have (nor had wanted to) before, solely because I enjoyed the heck out of watching Danny play through the Attitude Era storylines in THQ's latest WWE game. I actually like The Rock in his acting career, and apparently I also like him in his wrestling career, because in no time at all I was demanding that we do the People's Elbow if Danny happened to be playing as the Rock in a particular fight. (Cheesy is definitely appealing to me!) Basically, it seems like I'd get to see some actual acting on part of The Rock there, instead of him spending the movie pretty much dead.

I am a little disappointed, but I probably will not be going with Danny to see Django Unchained. Early on I was excited, but I became concerned that there would be another graphic rape scene. So yesterday I explained to Danny that this was why I hadn't been gung-ho to go see the movie right on release. He looked into it, and said the internet was divided. Probably there was a rape scene, given that those claiming there wasn't were the less credible group.

I looked into it further, today; I read an essay about the movie and found that someone had posted a video of the rape scene. You know, in case you wanted to watch it again after the movie, I guess. I checked the video just to see how long it is.

Eight minutes.

I really wanted to see the movie, because I love Jamie Foxx and I'm excited to see him on screen. But I really don't want to see an eight minute long rape scene, either.

If I go, I'm walking out of the theater for those eight minutes. Because wow. No, thank you.