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Good things

So, there's an upcoming Pathfinder game! I'm very stoked for it. Our new internet friend Myra will be joining us, and preludes start tomorrow. Here's the cast thus far, and my guesses as to their personalities/roles based on what I know so far about them:

Zeldana - (Bret) - 19 - A Varisian Bard who recently lost her family unexpectedly to the Szcarni (think mafia) while she was away on personal business. An ex-pacifist who has taken up arm to defend herself, and seeks to humiliate the people who destroyed her family by tricking them out of their power and fortune as punishment for their crime. - I'm pegging her as our dashing Captain Kirk

Xenvia - (Myra) - 23 - Hailing from Kaer Maga, a half-elf whose elven parent was a drow father. She works as a ranger, and has served the borderguard in her hometown for a few years. She is a strong and fearless warrior, having seen horrors the likes of which no one would ever want to see in her rounds as a protector of her homeland. - Spock.

Coral - (Dustin) - 20 - A mermaid who previously was a member of the circus! Coral is young and curious about the world, and though it's not easy to get around as a mermaid, she tries to make do, and is determined to learn more about her origins and the rest of the world. - Chekov.

Achernar - (Myself) - 47 - A military veteran who now works as a part-time bouncer and doctor in the Magnimar tavern, Fang. She has poor bedside manner and a very short temper. - Bones.

??? - (Derek) - ?? - A monk on a noble steed. - ???

??? - (Melissa) - ?? - A dashing Dhampir, who is either an Alchemist or a Ninja. - ???

Yay Pathfinder!

Other news: We hit up no less than four stores today before Danny was able to locate the Rise of the Runelords adventure compilation he has been trying to get a copy of lately. Along the way, I picked up some G. K. Chesteron and the Arabian Nights collection that Barnes and Noble had on sale for 8$.

We also got to spend some time hanging out with Emma earlier today! It was great fun, and we played some boardgames together. It was a nice day!

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