dev_chieftain: (leonard roland)
dev_chieftain ([personal profile] dev_chieftain) wrote2013-03-06 07:30 pm

my head itches

I think I may have been allergic to the antibiotics that I was given for the lingering sickness. I have this lump as if I'd fallen and hit it on a corner on the back of my head now, and to all eyewitness accounts I have done no falling or head-hitting. BUT, I have been a little woozy and had a couple of inexplicable dizzy spells, and after I took the medication I generally felt worse.

The would-be-injury is big, a little sore, a little warm to the touch, and itching, itching, itching. I am fancifully pretending (while hoping that I am only pretending) that the medication has done something off to my brain. It would explain being dizzy and weird, right?

Anyway, the medicine has been taken to its last dosage, I only have a mild cough anymore (and soon, hopefully, not even that), so now I just have to wait out this weird thing on my head.


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