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dev_chieftain ([personal profile] dev_chieftain) wrote2013-03-16 01:45 am

One last thing about the Supernatural fandom

Okay so now that I've watched the show and settled into some obscure corner of 'know about the show' that allows me to research what the fandom is like (for things like merch, or good feedback about DVD releases and so on), I can only conclude that everything people told me was true. The fandom is fucking terrifying, way more bad-touch than any other fandom outside of anime-fandoms that I've EVER seen. Like I want to write fanfic because that's my natural inclination, do one or two and then get back to original works I'm too neurotic to successfully publish, but I'm kind of scared to do that because wow, this fandom.

Just wow.

I'm not even sure if I'm trying to be funny or genuinely weirded out by this fandom.