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Oh man, oh man. I was behind on Adventure Time, so we watched the latest two. Simon and Marcy IS less sad than last time but goddamn, still I came away with a heavy heart. (And I couldn't help wondering about the pink goo-- proto P-Bubs? And the green ichor from the mutants strongly reminded me of Slumber Party Panic).

As for other things, I'm sort of filling in the blanks of what I haven't seen of Supernatural to keep from getting stir crazy until next episode airs. Season one is actually better than I'd given it credit for upon initial skimming, though the dialogue is still painful sometimes. Some things are much better in earlier seasons-- for example, in Route 666, I was kind of concerned that the interracial marriage that the plot hinges on would be handled in a way that might make me cringe, but-- no, pretty much everything about it was really good. (Although I cannot take ghost cars seriously. Which is probably a good thing, since unlike ghosts and vampires, I regularly see cars in my life, and being freaked out by them isn't an easy thing to reconcile with daily necessities like going to work.) That said, I plan to binge watch the few episodes I haven't already to keep from driving Danny nuts. This may work partially.

And! AND. Game of Thrones Season 3 has started, and is a delight. Remembering some of the more intricate intrigue going on took me a bit, but fortunately they seemed willing to recap where needed. I'm hoping for more divergence between books and show, since certain characters being more alive or happier than they are at the end of book three would be A-OK with me. For example, Tyrion with nose intact is still preferable to the alternative. (Now if he could just walk out of things without quite EVERYTHING else happening the same way, I would-- I would prefer that. Please? I like Tyrion. P-pretty please?)

In the video gamey side of things, Danny and I have been playing EQII more. I want to give the Ranger class another shot, but it's difficult when it starts out heavily melee oriented. I have the feeling nothing's going to call to me as much as picking Fahliera back up. I really like the wizard class overall, and just-- Iksar, man! I love EQII for giving me so many non-standard racial options, compared to other MMOs. And while I do frequently lament the difficulty I have in getting options to make sexy objectified male characters on MMOs, EQII at least seems to be fairly equal opportunity, with a few exceptions. I really like that the reptilian and amphibian races don't have boobs when they're female; I like that trolls are trolls are trolls, and look terrifyingly ugly no matter what you do with them. And, well, all complaints aside, I've successfully made a couple of guy characters that I'm comfortable with objectifying, so it's not impossible. (I'm sure that sounds terrible. My point is, if we're making it possible to be sexy, it needs to be possible regardless of gender! And well, not gonna lie, I like being sexy in video games.)

My heart still bleeds for City of Heroes. The graphics may have been subpar (especially compared to modern day capabilities now), but I will give it this: since you were a super-hero, unless you went with the HUGE gender, you had a perfect ass in that game. Trust me, if you need anything in an MMO, it's a nice ass to look at. You will be looking at that ass a lot.

I sort of have fallen into the tumblr pit, which is dangerous since it allows me to be the most passive I've ever been in fandom. I get kind of tired just trying to keep up with it, and more often than not feel embarrassed about wasting people's time with my thoughts-- so I rarely find myself providing original content there. But nothing's as satisfying as actually sharing something I made, even if it's a longwinded essay no one will give two shits about! Reblogging is kinda...I feel like, yes I want to share this, but also man, it's like I have no identity. So I might try to pull back from tumblr a bit more again and remember to use DW/LJ more.

And in art class news, my latest is wrapping up but I don't think I've signed up for the next yet, and I'm not sure if the previous was correctly allocated? Tuition benefits are confusing. Had to come home early from work today because I felt like shit, and slept for ages. Hoping to feel more on top of things tomorrow morning, we'll see.

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