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Is trying not to tell my students with FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS about my students with real, actual, serious problems, since I'm often talking to them one after the other.

That video was just about Law For Kids worthy.


Thursday, December 6th, 2012 11:10 pm
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Completely unanticipated (though I should have realized!) benefit of going back to school?

I am in loan deferment. Which means I can still pay off my loans, but I get to do it when I want to, and not when I need to have the monthly payment even if it's going to zero out my checkings account.

I started crying when I logged into the school loan repayment site and realized this. I am so fucking happy. Holy SHIT you guys, I really, desperately needed that extra week to avoid overdrafting.

Also, even if I still cringe a little when my boss is around, my boss's boss is helping and working to fix things and I am even able to kind of enjoy work most of the time. And I really like animation classes. So, maybe hopefully things are looking up?

Aw, man

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 01:37 pm
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I bought some aged swiss at the store earlier this week (which I often do) because I like sharp cheeses, but it was actually well past aged into 'dark green under the opaque wrapper' when I opened it today.

:( noooo
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Per this post, here are the rules:

Tell me a story I haven't written and I'll write you one sentence from it.
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1) I celebrated Thanksgiving this year by sleeping in, visiting my parents briefly, and having the closest thing I've ever had to a nervous breakdown, if that's not just what it was. I decided I need to get a new job or something to fix this because that's the problem.

2) I spent time with Anne at a nice picnic.

3) I saw Rise of the Guardians, and walked out shaking my head at how shippy it was. Jack Frost goes with everyone, including the kid POV character. Maybe not with Cupcake, but at the same time, I liked Cupcake.

4) Showed Derek some Adventure Time.

5) Went to a GM general meeting for the GMs in our local D&D That was fun. It needed to be more organized. I am itching to take charge.


Saturday, November 24th, 2012 12:25 pm
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Knights Errants thought; I had been guessing that Wilfrid might secretly be princes Na'ilah but the missing finger pretty much screams "nope, that can't be it". God, I love continuity like that.
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I just picked it up recently, and it's amazing. Here is the latest page, where Wilfrid reveals a secret to Oswald.


Monday, November 12th, 2012 12:25 am
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Oh my god, by the way, Skyfall


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"I believe we can keep the promise of our founders.

The idea that if you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or where you love, it doesn't matter whether you're black or white, or hispanic or asian, or native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try.

I believe we can seize this future together."

-In his acceptance speech this year, President Obama made the effort to be more inclusive in this integral piece of the closing statement. Listening to the speech as I was completing my Drawing and Anatomies homework, I found myself suddenly emotional and teary. I've grown up part of a generation and geographical area in which my peers are either relentlessly dogged about politics or anti politics, patriotism, everything to do with it if they can help it. I can sympathize with both sorts-- I have strong opinions, but I also can't stand the blind fury that politics has become in the USA.

Well, for a few years now I've been trying to be part of this conversation where we work on being more inclusive. I really do think it's worth it to mention everyone to make it clear that you mean it when you say "liberty and justice for ALL"-- not some secret re-interpretation of that so-called pledge where only some people get liberty or justice. I'm not perfect and I'm still working on my own hang-ups, some of which are me, some of which are me responding to outside pressures.

It's a conversation I always feel is a losing battle. I think we need to include everybody and I want to work for a bright, Star Trek Utopia style future where all peoples live in harmony, and we work together for the betterment of the world because we can UNDERSTAND the value of caring about other people's fate. I know this isn't a popular outlook. For one thing, you're a lot "cooler" if you cynically decry the world as already lost, and you're a lot funnier if you can turn off the intensity sometimes and just take it less seriously.

I take this all pretty seriously; I truly want people to seek to be better, to be good people. I strongly reject the idea of organized religion because I think that people need to choose to be good people because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO, and not because they believe it gives them moral superiority to other people. I disagree with the carrot and stick theory of humanity.

Anyway-- to see the President of my home country taking the time to acknowledge so many of the people that are frequently silenced, ignored, and set aside in our discourse as a nation-- to hear him mention us, in his final statement, to hear him take the time and care with his words that I want all people to take was really moving for me. I felt so happy to hear those words, even if they weren't all-inclusive or perfect. They were trying, they were a good first step. I got tears in my eyes. I felt really proud and happy and hopeful. This really meant a lot to me.

That's all I wanted to say.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 10:32 pm
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Puerto Rico voted to become a state of the US! I think! That's so cool! Saw their voting stats here.

(Also I am very happy that Obama won the Presidency, still waiting for final counts for local stuff. I want to be all Maleficent about it. "For the first time in sixteen years, I shall sleep well!")

Wreck-it Ralph

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 11:50 pm
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I wasn't actually very impressed by Paperman (the animated short preceding the film) for a few reasons:

-Musically, it felt cheap
-I was extremely disappointed that the animation was cel-shaded 3D and not just 2D animation. I know 3D is cheaper, but it's just a short, guys. Would it have been so hard?
-The really stereotypical gender roles established even by this simple, five minute short were really offensive to me. Let's list them quickly:
*the man was required to initiate the romance
*the man's face is not traditionally handsome; he has a big nose, and normal-size eyes. He is drawn to look like a skinny, tall, gawkish person. He's stylized, but mostly looks human. By contrast, the woman has the same demure petite perfect hourglass figure as every Disney princess. She also has eyes much larger than makes sense proportionately for her face (in what is actually a more classic Disney style) and no facial imperfections at all.
*while the man is stubborn and has to be dragged into things, the woman is portrayed as immediately going along with the mystical "event" that brings them together for the romance that the man wanted.
*the entire thing is a male-oriented wish fulfillment story, since the woman is not portrayed as having any interest or further thought about the paper. She is more concerned with making her train than the paper that blew into her face.

I am actually particularly annoyed that the woman is portrayed as immediately going for the mystical whatever crap. I am really sick of the stereotypical assumption that women are "wise and faithful" while men are "intelligent and strong".

As for Wreck-It Ralph itself, the movie was all right, but I was unfortunately sitting next to a little girl who shit her pants halfway through the film and spent a large part of it trying not to breathe while her parents ignored her noises of complaint and desire to alleviate her problem. I particularly hate her mother for slapping her hand away when she tried to grab mommy's arm to explain that she had had an accident. Argh.

Wreck-It Ralph features yet another kinda clueless dumb guy who's not good at expressing his emotions and just wants to be loved by everybody else. He's too passive aggressive to just straight up tell them what he wants, and because of the way that gets framed, a very legitimate complaint (you all treat me poorly and intentionally exclude me because I'm different, for reasons COMPLETELY BEYOND MY CONTROL) gets not only ignored, but thrown back in his face at one point of the movie by one of the privileged characters who he has temporarily inconvenienced.

I will say this now: despite this, Wreck-It Ralph isn't the main character of his own story. Which is good, because I felt like the device set up for his character growth was a little half-assed. Wreck-It Ralph is actually the story of Vanellope von Schweetz, who is adorable and voiced by Sarah Silverman.

Things I liked about the film:

-the buddy relationship between V and Ralph
-the cameos of actual video game characters (though I was a little sad at how small some of them were, but that's completely okay since it means an actual movie was had, and not just a parade of out-of-context references)
-the focus on Ralph's desire not to run away from home like a child, but to return home as someone he could be proud of. Despite my problem with his inability to articulate himself, I really liked that Ralph's response to a negative part of his life was to desire to improve that part of his life, rather than run away from his problems or deny that they ever existed.

The story wasn't particularly new (especially since Winnie the Pooh, The Velveteen Rabbit, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and so on already exist and have tread extensively the ground of imaginary things that have special secret lives when we're not looking), but it was still fun and covered the kind of ground that can still be enjoyable even if you've heard similar stories a hundred times. I really liked that the "outside, there are real people looking in!" POV character was a young girl gamer instead of a boy, (setting aside the secondary complaint that she was a white, blond girl in a movie that had two non-white characters total, as far as I could tell. Baby steps, I guess.) because it meant that the movie did touch on the fact that video games appeal to people regardless of gender. I was a little disappointed that the plot went where it did, but to tell you why I'm going to have to go into spoiler mode, so check out under the cut.

The one big thing I didn't like about the film was that Lady Marine fell into a traditional romance with Fix-it Felix. (She had a name but I can't actually remember off of the top of my head, which I think is important to note because if it had been said more than three times in the film I might have remembered it.) Yes, that's right, once again the stereotype has been replayed that the badass action hero lady ACTUALLY secretly is a tender weak female inside who desperately wants a man to take charge and be her hero.

Of all the tropes that have come from attempts to actualize the idea of female heroes, this is the one that angers me the most. It's NOT that women can't have romance without suddenly losing their badassery, mind you-- it's the false implication that there is ONLY one acceptable way to have a romance, and that that is between a man and a woman, wherein the man is the "hero" (dominant, decision-making partner) and the woman is the "damsel" (submissive, compromising partner). This is just a straight up unequal and unhealthy style of relationship. If they could at least have had her CONTINUE to be in charge while having her romance with the man (pulling them out of danger instead of being pulled; initiating the kiss without having one "stolen" first; ALL the little body language things that turn a fictional relationship into a heterosexual male oriented fantasy) it would have been fine. But what's being played for laughs here just isn't funny to me, because it's not a joke-- it's just the reality for every female character in every movie, tv show and video game I see, these days. It's depressing.

Anyway, down to the muck and grime of my big disappointment in the plot.

And let me preface this by reminding everyone who might think this means I hate the movie with the very true statement that Disney makes good movies and great movies; the problem with this movie is that it's only good, and could have been better. )
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The big one to me is actually:

5. Your employer can't stop you from discussing your salary with your co-workers. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) says that employers can't prevent employees from discussing wages among themselves. Many employers have policies against this anyway, but these policies violate the law.

Talk about your wages with other people. Make sure you're getting paid fairly. Are you getting paid less than them? Why?

This is something that has annoyed me for ages, so it's nice to know it's ILLEGAL that people tell me I'm not allowed to talk about how much money I make with someone else. It's not a case where coworkers are actually going to get jealous-- I talked with a guy at my job who's been there for four or five years and does a different position than me, and he makes more than double what I do. I'm not jealous of HIM, but I am suspicious of the company's policies with regards to myself and all other recent hires, because I KNOW they're not paying us as much as they should.

Which is something I and everyone else at my job has a fucking right to know. For fuck's sake.

Halloween D&D

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 11:44 am
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Ms. Jubilation Apogee
Castling Press
Foundry City, Diora

Update incoming on events astounding Sweetgrove town borderlands watch post

Rutherford Banjo

Charge to Mr. R. Banjo
Sweetgrove, Diora

(Also available to read here)

Dear Google,

Monday, October 29th, 2012 09:51 pm
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You seem to be watching everything I do anyway, so I figure this isn't too much to ask.

When you put ads on Youtube, you must know I rarely pay attention to them. I definitely avoid them when I can, and unfortunately for your sponsors who pay for that ad space, sticking ads all over a website doesn't actually affect my buying choices positively, it just makes websites unappealing, tacky, and less desirable to use. (Regrettably for the television industry, it also doesn't make me more interested in getting off my computer and watching television programming. I would sooner not watch TV at all instead of just buying DVDs or watching programs streaming on my computer).

But here's the thing. I'm willing to tolerate these ads. I'm even occasionally amused by the annoying video ads that sometimes precede the non-commercial, 100% original, user-made videos on I watch Youtube.

What I'm not willing to tolerate are political ads geared to my region of residence. I have a pretty low opinion of many of the prominent politicians in my area (who are generally well known because they're assholes who disrespect the basic human rights of women, persons of indeterminate gender, homosexuals (and persons of other non-standard sexual orientations), and people who don't happen to share their pasty white skin color), and I don't want to be subjected to their ads, especially when they're defamatory ads about candidates I admire and hope to see elected into office.

I will not vote for the candidates that are putting up slanderous ads against their competition. I think that's bullying, and I also think it's beneath us as human beings to be swayed by lies and conjecture.

I will probably not buy the laundry soap advertised in sexist, of-course-you-stay-at-home, you're-a-woman ads, but I actually have the occasional use for laundry soap, so you never know.

Please. Show me the fucking laundry soap ads. I won't complain about them. I promise.
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Man, the latest Gunnerkrigg Court pages! Well, maybe we'll eventually find out who Jones is. Somehow I think we still may never.

Going back to work was a little difficult. I'm still tired and a little worn out, emotionally. I have a student who's recovering from a serious heart attack that keeps stubbornly working, which of course reminds me of my dad-- luckily he's not so stubborn and hasn't had an attack, but it was still scary.

I find myself thinking about our biomechanical nature a lot, lately. Makes me want to work on trying to submit The Vault again, and write some more. Got to finish my entry for the finals, first, of course.

Guild Wars 2

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 03:14 pm
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Danny and I recently finally followed the suggestions of our buds and purchased this game. I've only played it a little bit so far, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

[This space for more coherent thoughts about the game]

Pros: Skills are learned from weapons. You never have to worry about more than about 5 skills on your bar. Leveling is scaled to the area you are in, meaning it is never too challenging, and it is never too easy, to be in any given place. Huge experience is earned by crafting, exploring, and appreciating nice views. The game has five races, of which two are just humans (Norns being larger humans), one is plant-people (actually born of and made of plants, with leaf or branch hair and everything), one is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, but turned into a race, and one is horned cat-people with a culture that makes me think of Klingons sometimes. This is pretty awesome, since you rarely see a Korean MMO where the non-human options even try to vary from just 'human'. Each race has a personalized series of storylines that you predetermine when you basically choose your character's defining personality traits during character creation. You have story-quests ALA Lord of the Rings that follow those choices, and are partially determined by your race. You have random events that just spring up when you're running around. You can gain lots of experience for non-combat, but combat is also actually pretty varied and interesting.

This is the experience I have had at the early level stages of the game thus far. I like it a lot. It's pretty amazing. There are some things about the game that are wonderfully progressive. As a plant person, one of the first things I had to do was rescue a gay plant couple from a bully who was trying to kill one of them; as a Norn, I was flirted with by my fellow lady friend. On the surface the game is relatively gender neutral, with the obvious exception of physiques (human women are particularly egregious here, which is why I only have a human man-- but I have a female of every other race) and the less obvious, but very unpleasant exception of "Lore".

Here's the problem. Lore is a tool to help build and shape your world. It's exciting to see that women are regularly present in positions of military power, positions of religious and governmental stature, when I look around this game world. It's exciting to see the plant people apparently totally cool with being gay. That makes me hopeful that such options exist elsewhere, and just like being able to make a black character is important to me for that reason, this is VERY important to me.


The lore that I've found thus far has gone out of its way to mention the newness of female equality. I was enjoying playing the Norns until I encountered two quests in a row about the Sons of Svanir, a misogynistic group of all-dude Norn-types who hate women and called me nasty names since my big buff warrior is a lady. I have to deal with this kind of hate in my day to day life; I don't really like seeing it in the lore of my fantasy world.

I have said this before, and will surely say it again. The problem with fiction, with fantasy and sci-fi, is that it's still made by real people. When real people can't even conceive of a world that never had sexism, or the idea of allowing people to be gay without making excuses for why it's "not the same" (hint: the plant people are plants, thus both genders, which means players actually have arguments on forums and chat about how it doesn't really count because they're not really male and female in the same way. Why is that even an important discussion to have? I'd prefer they be discussing whether it makes sense for the saplings to be able to procreate since they apparently are all born from the Pale Tree's mysterious pods. That's weird enough to merit discussion. Whether the plant people are allowed to be gay or not? Come ON.)--

But when real people can't even conceive of a fantasy world where the challenges we face and the hardships we strive against DO NOT include the oppression-- be it for race, sex, sexual orientation, or religious belief or lack of belief-- that pretty much sucks for people who are actually oppressed, no matter how minor you as the privileged party may THINK that oppression is. I don't WANT to go into my fantasy world and be called a wench, or constantly reminded by the NPCs and lore around me that I should be grateful that women are allowed in the army NOW because ten YEARS ago, you know...

Fuck this shit. I should be able to play a woman and do whatever the fuck I want without this "color". But I can't.

I'm happy to say that I CAN play a black character, or a weird plant character, or a gay person without anyone seeming to notice or care in the dialogue. Certainly no one has felt it necessary to comment on the color of my skin. Regrettably, my gender is still getting mentioned by the NPCs around me, and that definitely counts as one big con for me. I want my fun time to be 100% fun, and I shouldn't have to play my boy character to be able to achieve that. Especially when my lady characters are so cool.

As a sidenote, unlike the Bioware-ness of TOR which let you have romances, I don't think that's a part of this game. I'm grateful, since I doubt the game would acknowledge any choices I might make here. Really, if I have any complaint about it that isn't directly tied to the problems I have with social bias against my gender, it's that you don't get to make real choices about how your characters acts in the cutscenes peppered liberally throughout the game. I wish I could choose whether or not my character says "Holy shit! Caithe, you just killed that person when I said I'd let her go! How can you call them evil when you just did THAT?!"

What that comes down to, unfortunately, is that no matter how good a video game is, it will never be D&D, which lets me do and say what I want.
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I finished my day talking to an ex-student who might come back someday, who revealed that the reason he dropped was his mother passing away.

Thinking about this, I became desperate and needed to hear my own mother's voice immediately after work to be able to keep going. I feel like it might be a little childish, maybe, to almost need that reassurance the way a kid needs their parents to chase away the idea of a bad dream; Dustin answered, wisely I think, that everybody has moments like that, and can relate to that-- when things are shit and you just need someone to tell you it's okay.

I had planned my time off mostly just to have it off but I think I will be badly in need of it so I can sleep and dream and stay separate from the emotional singularity that is my job.

I'm not really trying to be melodramatic, I just FEEL that way right now. Anyway, sleep. Overtime. Then, a nice long weekend to destress.
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This is only my second viewing; since it was on DVD, I was able to fast-forward through all of the scenes that I really strongly object to (basically, every scene in which Black Widow is forced to endure verbal or physical abuse, or otherwise threatened; oh, and all the boring shadowy Council scenes that added absolutely nothing to the film). I am still totally hot for Jeremy Renner, though I think rewatching the Bourne Legacy will be more fun since he's in more of that movie and gets to do more in general.

In moderate annoyance at the fact that my upcoming class schedule was showing things like basic math and English, I took the placement tests my school offers to get my correct schedule to show. Theoretically they should receive the copy of my official transcripts that I sent by mail like...tomorrow, if they haven't already, but at least this way my schedule will be appropriately updated. I was a little horrified to discover how hard it was to unearth my memories of math, but I guess in a way I haven't really needed those skills for seven or eight years. The good news is, with a bit of review, I was able to ace them and ensure that I will actually get to take art classes, like I damn well want to. Yay! Because of the transcripts, taking the tests at all was really more of a matter of pride than anything else. I felt a little nervous that I was catching the intentionally stupid society wants to push on women, if that makes any sense. It was a bit of a relief to realize that I can actually still do it.

I had set up with my scratch paper and was doing everything by hand, with Danny excitedly watching over my shoulder, because he's pretty awesome. He said, "You know, it's pretty ballsy to do all this by hand without a calculator. You could use a calculator."

I said, "Yeah, I know, but."

"But it's about honor, isn't it?" He said, in that it always is, with you tone.

It totally was. And damn it, I aced that sucker. Art classes for me! I'm pretty excited about them.

I'm actually really enjoying working on my entry for this final round of the contest. So far I've got some okay ideas, but I'm worried they might be a little on the super cheesy side.
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After reading through it, I submitted this question. I will post the link to check it out once I get an answer:


I'd be interested to support this project, as a longtime fan of oldschool RPGs, but I'm a little concerned by the way the story is set up thus far. I read through both the original story and the expanded story. If characters are customizable, can I at least make Connelly female if I want? What about hispanic, or black? Queer? Personally, I would have no problem playing a Connelly that has a wife and two kids waiting for her back at home-- or a husband and two kids waiting for him. I would prefer to have these options available, just as I think it's important to be able to make my character reflect any ethnicity I would like my character to be-- especially should I be of that ethnicity.

If I can't make Connelly any of these things, what does that tell me about the Cole story? Not only do I not get to play as a woman (or any of the other things) if I want to, I'm not permitted to get a woman's story at all UNLESS you make nearly double your initial goal? This makes getting to see a video game about a lady character quite literally a prize.

I like the basic idea of what you guys are doing, and I believe you have good intentions. However, it's extremely important to me as a player that, when I'm promised the ability to choose who my character is as I discover that character's story, I really truly do get to pick who my character is from the ground up.

So I sincerely hope your answer is, "Yes! Yes, you can pick all of those things, and you will be able to play whatever you want! In fact, you can even play Connelly as one of the alien races if you really want-- because no matter what Connelly is, this is Connelly's story!"

Edit: A happy ending, I think. The response:

The main character will be "Connelly", but you can change, gender, first name.....

So here's the project: An Old-School RPG by Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall
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Watched the first episode of the Fist of the North Star anime. Of this I only have to say, You は shock! and man, I love wacky old shows of all varieties so very, very much.

I also watched The Princess and the Goblin, which was stunningly animated, and closely follows the book. Loved it.

Made steel-cut oatmeal for the first time. Managed to only slightly burn it, which did not harm flavor. Cooked with 1 cup of vanilla soy milk, 3 cups water; added cinnamon, 2 spoons sugar to a bowl and saved the rest for tomorrow. It was about the best oatmeal ever.

So, in short, animation is still a lovely pastime, and apparently I've been missing out on the cereal front.

Danny and I also watched the intros to a couple of shows that seemed to have potential merit-- TORIKO, the anime about EATING SHIT FUCK YEAH! to go FIGHT AND EAT MORE SHIT WOOO (best concept ever, obviously); BODACIOUS SPACE PIRATES, about May from Guilty Gear in space with a pirate crew. For some reason they wear schoolgirl uniforms though, so I'm not sure I trust it; and MARI HOLIC, which is apparently about a hentai dating sim style lesbian girl who enters a catholic school to seek out hot girls, and her best friend, a crossdressing boy who wants to be the prettiest. Hard to weigh in without seeing more, of course. It sounds potentially cool, but the hentai dating sim male-self-insertness of the main character makes me skeptical.

I'm tired. Goodnight!


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 07:21 pm
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My grandmother was experiencing depression so severe that she requested (and received) admission to a psychiatric hospital this past weekend. She's doing a lot better and has people helping her, befriending her, and providing her with the emotional support she's been lacking for the last several months. Mom says she'd recommended this after grandma admitted that she couldn't do it, but had been thinking about suicide-- calling 911 to help get there, since the insurance company was yanking her chain, making her go to several other doctors to get referrals instead of letting her get psychiatric care and group therapy.

Additionally, my dad revealed that he's been having heart palpitations, even though he's thin as a rail, quit drinking entirely years ago after never being a heavy drinker, quit caffeinated drinks recently and has been eating very carefully. He's seeing a cardiologist Friday.

I'm seeing a doctor Thursday, since I might have a thyroid condition and that could lead to the same high blood pressure problems my two aunts on my dad's side of the family have.

And I haven't really heard from my brother since he started his new second job, but I gather he's kinda miserable. I know he's completely against moving back down here-- the weather alone makes him not want to, and I think it might be more than that. Anyway

We're watching Robocop, and I'm trying not to think about all of it too much. I did receive the page of Sorcery 101's original art that I bought in the mail. My highlight of the week is planning my budget around the possibility of buying a frame for it so I can hang it up on the wall. Well, that, and my grocery store sells steel-cut oats now, so I'm going to try having that for breakfast. If I like it, that's my new breakfast for the long term, since it's supposed to be good for your heart, and would help preserve my fruit supply for lunch and dinner, instead of it all going into breakfast.
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And now I'm going to have to take a stand here and say sorry, straight dudes, but you don't get to decide what straight women think is attractive. It doesn't fucking work that way. You don't get to decide what women who like women find attractive, and you don't get to decide what men who like men find attractive. You don't get to have the final say about what is hot and what is not when your sexual preferences have nothing to do with it.

This comes after a conversation with a coworker in which he insisted that he doesn't like Daniel Craig Bond because he's "not charming enough". This is a guy who prefers Roger Moore, and also cites Connery and Brosnan as the most charming Bonds. This is a guy who probably has never seen On Her Majesty's Secret Service. This guy says he doesn't like Craig Bond because he's not very charming, he's too serious.

This is a guy who adores those flat, pandering, self-important excuses for Batman films that Christopher Nolan churned out to help brainwash the masses into thinking that Big Businesspeople are the good guys. (Only slightly less on my shitlist for BULLSHIT BACKWARDS NONSENSE is 'Be Kind, Rewind', which is a conversation for another day.) Now, I don't hate the Nolan Batman movies, but I am really sick of hearing about them. And I don't think they're must-sees; I think they're a sad joke if you consider them at all representative of Batman as the icon, idea, concept, character, or person he is supposed to be based on his 70+ year legacy in comics, television, video games and movies. I definitely don't think Heath Ledger's performance was especially good, or even that interesting (since it is a blatant rehash of Jack Nicholson's performance in the Burton Batman films). If someone comes to talk movies with me, and praises those particular films, then I know to turn off my Actually Participate O-Meter, because this is not a person who is going to like the kinds of movies I like, nine times out of ten.

So I know that I shouldn't give a flying fuck what this guy thinks about James Bond, but I will NOT have some self-important GUY trying to tell ME which Bond is best. First, because I'm the one who's supposed to be attracted to Bond, so I get the final say here, not some guy who talks boredly about how his Wife Is Going To Drag Him To the Chick Flicks. And Second, because I have seen way more Bond movies than this guy, and I remember them better, and I have rankings and I have favorites and Daniel Craig is in Casino Royale, which is one of the best Bond movies. This guy, he doesn't like Casino Royale. I have yet to hear him express which one is actually his favorite. He looks confused when I talk about the merits of Goldfinger over Thunderball or From Russia with Love, or explain why Dr. No is kind of boring compared to everything that came afterward. He doesn't bat an eyelash when I mention that the problem with You Only Live Twice is the racism, but if you can ignore that, it's a pretty fun movie with one of the better themes-- because he doesn't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

So let's just get this straight. First, the best Bond movies are:

Connery - Goldfinger
Lazenby - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Moore - Live and Let Die (Danny doesn't agree, but I liked this one a lot and haven't seen A View to A Kill yet)
Dalton - The Living Daylights
Brosnan - Goldeneye
Craig - Casino Royale (so far; who knows what Skyfall will be like)

And second, the only Bond who isn't charming is Moore, because he's just completely coldhearted. He sleeps with women and immediately kills them. He certainly doesn't flirt with them the way Craig does, let alone pursue them and angst over them and smile at them.

Harrumph! Case Closed!

The conversation did take a hilarious turn, however:

Guy: I'm not going to go see the new Twilight movie. My wife is trying to make me go, and I'm coming up with excuses why I can't already.
Dev: Yeah, I'm not familiar with those. By choice.
Guy: I haven't seen the third one--
Dev: [tries to keep a straight face]
Guy: So I'm not going to see the next one. I saw the first and second and they were terrible!
Dev: [CANNOT] AAAHahaha I thought you might say that she made you watch some already. Oh, man!
Guy: But enough is enough. I am not going to go.
Dev: In my head, right now, the movie of our lives is cutting to the theater, where you are sitting broodily and watching the latest Twilight movie. Just so you know.
Guy: ...oh, man.
Dev: If that does happen, you can come cry on my shoulder.
Guy: If it does, you can bet I'm going to!
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Dredd: This movie was awesome and should be seen in the theaters. Things it has: Lena Headey being rad; a legitimate excuse for slow motion scenes; one-liners; action scenes; Judge Dredd never once taking off his helmet. In short, it was fun, it delivered exactly what you'd expect from the set-up at the beginning of the movie, and it had a pretty decent little buddy cop story in there, too.

Blade Trinity: Ahahaha this was so hilarious and awesome! I had never seen it, but I wanted to see another fun action movie and Danny pointed out this one had good choreography. It also had Ryan Reynolds with the worst beard ever, but that kind of didn't detract from his excellent abs. So thumbs up! Bondagey torture scene, also a plus.

Best line in the movie was definitely, as Danny said, when the mook worried They would Kill Him if he told, and Blade's response was "Motherfucker, I'll kill you!"

Green Lantern: Lured by promise of more Ryan Reynolds abs. The movie was good, but kind of needed some serious refinement. I found the subplot with Hector to be a little bit on the lame and moderately offensive side, and could seriously have done without the awkward childhood romance, but it was still fun to watch and handled pretty well. Most of the outcome was telegraphed, and they did make great use of Green Lantern powers, which is the most important thing. (Not just lasers and punchy fists, thank goodness.)

I kind of felt like they...killed off Amanda Waller? They certainly didn't do a lot with her, so that was kind of lame. Well, anyway. It had less of promised abs than expected, which is the most important thing to complain about.

I currently wish to purview abs. I couldn't really give a good reason why.
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