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dev_chieftain ([personal profile] dev_chieftain) wrote2012-12-17 12:23 am

On fandom revolving around "Rise of the Guardians", and a weekend

My weekend was nice. I did some homework and saw my mom (she's doing okay and needed a hug and wants to shower but can't because of her cast and is overall still pretty good) and went to get pictures framed, and hung out with Dusty and Danny and made a wrestling character for Faure with the WWE wrestling game Danny got from Anne before she moved away.

Also, I paid some small attention to fandom. And I'm sorry, Rise of the Guardians fandom, but I don't think it's possible to write sexy porn while having a character who is having sex call out to "the boogieman". You tried, fandom, you tried. Allow me to pat you reassuringly on the shoulder.

Anyway, yes. Did see the Hobbit with Danny and that was fun. Endured teasing by waitstaff at Denny's for wearing a cloak, which I'm sure they thought was cosplay (it was 32F and RAINING outside! When is there ever a better time to wear a cloak, plz.) but got to enjoy the movie, more or less. The trouble is, we'd read this article from the Onion before going so when Bilbo wakes up before he joins the Dwarves on their journey, we both were immediately in stitches, laughing silently (but breathlessly) for like, ten minutes.

It was awesome. They kept in the STONE GIANTS! That was awesome.