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Captain Awesome and the Spacecapades

We will light up the sky with our super-fly!

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Once upon a time, in the vastness of space, a girl named Awesome McRockington had a dream of becoming a starship captain. She gathered a band of rapscallions and regular-type scallywags, and set off among the stars with the mission to ROCK OUT, BE AWESOME, AND LIGHT UP THE SKY.

Their mission began in the remote reaches of CINKAID, a bar galaxy where the ever-burning neutron star CHRYSANTHEMUM lights the waning world of YSRA. From this planet came none other than AWESOME MCROCKINGTON herself, and her childhood friend KING MAX SUPERFLY. The two of them grew apart as they grew up, but came back together when CAPTAIN AWESOME first purchased and began work on the BLACKCASTLE.

They found and enlisted CELESTIA GEARS to their cause in the city of FEN, and after a year spent in repairs, the journey began.

On their journey, the first order of business was to fuel and fix CHRYSANTHEMUM, given their fondness for their homeworld. After that, the possibilities were endless. Their travels took them far from home, and all the way across the galaxy to the cold reaches of the ELKONA trifecta. The dusky red stars that both lit and entrapped this solar system provided the cover by which CAPTAIN AWESOME and ACE PILOT SUPERFLY snuck into the secret labs of TYR. There, they discovered the dream-powered mind-machines of the mad doctor FERRIS. They freed AUGUSTE CHAMPION, a doctor and scientist who had been put to sleep to power the dream-machines for the last three years, and took him with them back to the BLACKCASTLE.

Following their daring escape from the dying trifecta, they went to ARCHAID, where they met ZIN SHERRY STARSTRIKER, TAMARA LHASA, and JACKIE RAIN, three valuable and varied additions to the BLACKCASTLE CREW. Their last stop before the latest news of their adventures was in the mining colonies of DULAMAN, where they picked up their last member, MINISTER FINDER FAELIDAN. Now they roam the skies, setting to rights the wrongs of the universe and living life to its fullest. Their infamy has stretched from one end of the galaxy to the other and even, some say, beyond, to faraway lands.
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