dev_chieftain: (simon belmont)
dev_chieftain ([personal profile] dev_chieftain) wrote2013-01-16 12:16 am


Lately I have:

Played the first session of the Pathfinder game (it's awesome, we're awesome, yeah baby)

Watched pretty much all Castiel episodes of Supernatural, with a couple of additions; subsequently fallen in love with Misha Collins, who is the cutest thing ever, and his silly video of himself and his son cooking dinner on youtube.

Bitched almost constantly about one of the two classes I'm taking right now

And just now I received a response to a big fat essay I spent hours writing Sunday, complaining that no one was going to read it, and got complimented by my teacher with a comment of actual substance and subsequently, melted away into "Yay I am glad I did the work because I like it when people read things I write!"