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And why is this? Was Herod unimpressed?

I bought Dredd.

Have been watching more Supernatural here and there. I am still 100% into Misha Collins. He is awesome, and Castiel is a great character. He's too serious to be serious. He's just silly most of the time, and when he actually flips back around into serious towne again he's so wonderfully earnest about it. I like that.

I cannot stand the CW (which once was the WB) nonsense where the characters constantly are Lying to Each Other about Feelings and Stuff, especially all the bullshit between Sam and Dean. I can't stand the laziness of the writing that is designed to just cosmically fuck Sam over and make him into a bad person by dint of being treated like a piece of shit by everyone he ever held dear-- and then Sam doesn't actually turn out to be that bad a guy, but every decision he makes just happens to be the wrong one. More than that, Dean sanctimonious righteous assholes all over the place about it. I hate that.

I could really, seriously live without the every-ten-seconds heart to hearts between these guys. The show jokes about how unhealthy their brothership is. I basically can't even pretend to be upset about the incest porn I know has built a tower unto the heavens for this fandom, because the show is DARING people to write it.

I can't stand the treatment of women. I cannot stand it. Women are summarily dismissed. If they appear, they are either evil (possessed by demons or otherwise), or they will die, usually pretty shortly after they appear. They get slut-shamed and punched in the face, and killed. Sometimes I can ignore it, but generally it's just awful. There's also a tremendous lack of PoC in the show, except as canon fodder or bad guys. NOT EXACTLY A GOOD IMAGE TO BE PRESENTING, GUYS. Like, what the fuck. Backwards much? Kevin Tran is at least a positive character, but of course, he is still only the accepted stereotypical "Asian Kid Who Studies Too Hard" when first he appears. Later on he seems to have gotten some pretty awesome development, which I'm grateful for.

Dean is very likeable, despite otherwise being a douchey California bro. (Sam is those things but generally not likeable. Although in season 6! Man, I like soulless Sam. He's pretty fucking awesome.)

And did I mention buying Dredd? I mentioned that, by the way, because it was an excellent movie, and you should watch it. Karl Urban sports the most epic of frowns. Lena Headey is amazing. Olivia Thirlby is the best damned rookie cop that ever came on the force.

Oh, but. Lots of violence. I swear you will barely notice. Most of it is rainbow-hue!

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